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Benefits of Aligning Structure and Methods through Organizational Design

As per analyses, the main reasons for organizational failure are the lack of coherence between the organizational processes and structure. The method in which the presentation of the group can be improved through aligning the construction and procedures that can be improved by growing the coherence in the different elements:

1 Completely clarify the roles and methods

2 Effective utilization of given resources

3 Ensuring high employee engagement and motivation

4 Implementing effective organizational change

Theories of Organizational Behaviour

Hybrid Organization Theory: Hybrid organization theory argues that people no longer have to choose between being an altruistic non-profit or being a for-profit enterprise. In the organizational behavior definition of a hybrid organization, a company can be both altruistic and make a profit, as can teams and individuals within an organization.

Informal Organization Theory: Of all the structural theories, the casual theory is the one that best knows that there are often concealed systems within official business structures. These informal organizations are the relationships and dealings formed between people in the group. If you want additional points about this topic then you can get information through our get assignment solution facility directly from website.

Resource Dependence Theory: Most product-based businesses are well familiar with the resource requirement theory. For instance, the toy manufacturer relies on toy wheels from China to manufacture its toy cars. This can even be a subject in facility jobs like when superiority internet signs control whether or not a life coach can see with clients on Zoom.