An economist toolkit is considerable a useful tool for the students and is one of the workable idea to be implemented. This is among the necessary few key ideas that can be employed to help the students in answering the different questions regarding economics. To understanding the importance of Macroeconomic toolkit it is important for an economic student to understand the several elements concerning Macroeconomics that includes aggregate demand, aggregate supply, and suitable AD/AS diagram. The impact of an increase in the interest rate that creates an effect in the AD/AD diagram is also a matter of concern. To have a better understanding on Macroeconomics, the students need to take help from the content of Macroeconomics assignment writing help.


Macroeconomics Toolkit

To determine the necessity of Macroeconomics toolkit, first of all one should considered the impact on aggregate supply, aggregate demand and the suitable diagram of AD/AS. As a matter of fact, the increased interest rate causes a fall in the aggregate demand. Then it should be considered that how an increase in the interest rate affect the main objective of the economical elements in influencing the governmental factors. These are economic growth, low inflation, low current account deficit or surplus, low unemployment, government borrowing, and Stable Exchange Rate.

To consider as an example, an increase in interest rate would tend to cause lower growth, higher unemployment, and lower inflation. Thus the increased interest rates usually have the tendency to cause a certain increase in the exchange rate. On the other hand, if the unemployment increases then the government borrowing might get worsen. With the help of Macroeconomics assignment provided by BookMyEssay, students can complete the other assignments on Economics.

Evaluation Toolkit

The next part of the Macroeconomics toolkit analysis involves in the evaluation impact. In this process one might consider different points of view as well as the importance of any likely impact. While considering the potential points for the evaluation process one can always consider the state of economy, other components of aggregate demand, time lags, how significant is a factor, supply-side effects, and different types of economic views for example, Monetarist v Keynesian.

  • Time Lag: It is considered the time that is taken in posing the impact of an increase in interest rates. Taken as an instance on increasing the base rate, the bank of England will not make to affect people on the fix-rate mortgages. However on re-mortgaging within a couple of years time would make them to face higher interest rates. It roughly takes one and a half years for employing the changes in interest rates for having a full effect on it.
  • The State of Economy: To make you understand this element of economy we can take an example of the recession stage. At this stage an enhancement in the interest rate would lead to reduce expenditures considerably, and all of a sudden people might be confident to pay more for borrowing. Therefore the impact of an increase in the interest rate depends completely on the current stage of the economy.

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