Chemistry is everywhere, everything has a chemical composition. For some studying chemistry is interesting but for some it’s a nightmare. Learning and knowing chemistry is a necessity, so that at least we understand basic elements and compounds. There are many ways in which the tutors try to teach students the basics and tricks of chemistry. Teaching chemistry is not what student expect teachers to do – that is experiments. It’s also about teaching them chemistry well. For chemistry assignment help or any assignment help tutors need can contact BookMyEssay, academic solution providers, by visiting there website. Let’s find out ways to teach complex chemistry topics in an interesting ways to the students.

Chemistry Assignment Help


Chemistry class catches students’ interest completely or not at all. It involves experiments but there is much to chemistry than it. Sometimes teaching chemistry becomes a nightmare to tutors. Teachers or tutors need to devise exemplary learning methods like interactive lessons, diagram based lessons, example based learning to keep the interest of the student alive.

Some Exemplary Ways to Make Students Understand Chemistry

Below you will find ways to teach challenging chemistry lessons. Tutors can be inspired by these methods to create their own. These chemistry lesson plans can be used for middle school and high school students. Let’s find out…..

The Periodic Table : First we discuss ways to teach periodic table. There are many teaching resources on this topic. Just have a look on how you as a teacher can be interactive in teaching periodic table to students.

  • Adding a Hotspot : You can add an image to each element of the periodic table. Now students can better understand the utility of each element. Each time they hit an element, they find at least one of the uses of the element. In the image given below, when the element Lithium is hit, it shows the image of mobile phone wherein the battery is made of lithium.
  • Pair matching : Tutors can start with a game wherein students have to match element symbol with its full name.
  • Quiz through prompt : A prompt which shows the complete periodic table but with a twist. One or the other thing is missing for each element like symbols, atomic number, atomic mass etc. , which has to be filled by students.

Pure Substances and Mixtures : Let’s find out ways to teach students Pure Substances and Mixtures in interactive ways.

  • Worksheets : To make students understand pure, impure substances, you can use interactive worksheets. These worksheets are drag and drop type of sheets. See the image given below.

Chemical Formulas and equation :  This is the most difficult part of Chemistry that is learning to solve chemical equations. One of the ways to teach it is given below :

  • Quiz : Quiz and worksheet give enormous play area for students to understand. Especially to learn organic chemistry, its the best way. The quiz may be interactive type where the students have to choose from array of options given. Another way is to give students options and empty boxes. Ask the students to construct there own formula of different compounds using options given.
  • Worksheets : Students can be asked to work out formulas on worksheets using image prompts. Students are required to make compounds by using the images available.

These are some of the style of interactive sessions that teachers can take to make students better understand. These online chemistry classes are just some of the examples of how students can be taught. With the right imagination, many more lesson plans can be executed. For assignment help tutors need, they can contact BookMyEssay.

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