Communicating your work effectively is very important in any one’s profession. When we talk of lawyer’s work, legal writing is the most important thing. It is the most important course taught at the law school. Legal writing helps a lawer to share his or her work. The most brilliant minds may have difficulty in legal profession if you don’t have the writing skill to express the laws and facts of the case. Students at law school can always find effectively written documents for their assignments or legal writing assignment help at BookMyEssay. It is an online academic writing can always contact them 24 by 7.

Reasons to acquire the art of Legal Writing

Explaining Legal Writing

Legal writing refers to the analysis of facts and presentation of arguments in legal memos and briefs. There are many forms of legal writing like one form involves drafting legal instruments like contracts and wills, another form is persuasive form of legal writing and you can also find another form which has writing balanced analysis of legal issues.


Legal writing contains two broad categories

  1. Legal analysis
  2. Legal drafting

Legal analysis is of two types

  1. Predictive analysis
  2. Persuasive analysis

Predictive legal analysis: It may be Client letter or legal opinion and is the most common type of legal analysis. It is also called legal memorandum. Since this is a predictive analysis, it predicts the outcome of a legal question by analysing the relevant facts and the authorities governing the question.

Persuasive legal analysis: The persuasive legal document makes an attempt to persuade the deciding authority to decide for the dispute in favour of author’s client. In this, author argues to resolve a legal matter through on approach and doesnot present a neutral approach.

Legal drafting: It involves binding legal text. It is written without a stylized voice and it doesn’t require any legal authority citation. Legal drafting a can be enacted laws like rules and regulations, contracts; personal legal documents like trusts and wills; public legal documents like instructions and notices.

Why to Learn Legal Writing?

In a lawyer’s career, effectively communicating your work is very important. At law school every student has to report their daily task to the supervising lawyer on the daily research done by the student, preparing first draft or writing a blog or writing for the college website. With good legal writing skills, you can effectively communicate in written form where the reader can easily comprehend your analysis without having to retrace the steps. The successful performance of the student depends on their legal writing skills. Students can take support from legal writing experts for legal writing assignment help from BookMyEssay.

A legal writing makes or breaks lawyer’s reputation. At any stage, contracts, pleadings, reports are the lawyer’s portfolio. To a large degree, they form the basis to judge lawyer’s ability. A pleading that wins the case or the report on the legal solution submitted to the client for their problem is the goal every lawyer works on.

How It can Be Done?

  1. First, is to be consise, clear and comprehensive. Legal writing is not about building suspense. Leave out the irrelevant remarks that divert the focus. As, anyone who comes to a lawyer’s wants clear answers. They donot want to find answer from puzzle thrown at them in the form of legal writing.
  2. Secondly, the writing should be free from any grammatical or spelling mistakes. You should take time to edit what you have written. An interuption like spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes takes away the focus from the argument. Obviously, these skills don’t come overnight. It is always suggested that you learn the style, structure, tone of the voice used by lawyers these days.

If you are still at law school, it is always suggested that you take the course of legal writing. No doubt, it will put a notable effect on your performance as a lawyer. Besides, thise who still require support can contact BookMyEssay and avail legal writing coursework writing help.