A supply chain management system is all about the management of the entire product or a service right from the raw materials to the final product. Even processed milk that we drink every day has to go through several processes to reach us. Its first journey starts from buying it from the farmer and ends when the milkman delivers it to your home or when you buy it from the store. There are several components on which all the supply chain works. It needs a complete management system to prevent chaotic situations and avoid mess.

Supply Chain Management Assignment Help

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Basic Components Of Supply Chain Management System Include:

Planning: Before you start your project on the products you first need to watch out for their demand, cost, availability of raw materials, etc., and then make strategies to make it work. Planning from getting the raw materials to selling the goods has to be done strategically.

Information: Collect all the information regarding the product and whatever is needed to make it. The world is full of information so you won’t find it difficult to manage. Make sure you check out all the information regarding the latest and fast production, supply, and transportation as well to make everything go smoothly.

Sources: Whatever the products and services we get to have its raw materials and all the suppliers of these products and services are the crucial part of the supply chain management system. Check out all the sources you can get with the best prices you can get. Buy them according to the quality of the product you expect.

Production: After this, production plays an important role in all the processes. After the production is done then all the testing and packaging is done in this step so the product becomes ready to deliver.

Transportation: Now, after the product is produced and packed, transportation is the next step. This is the vital step for carrying all the goods from the manufacturing unit to the market to make sales.

Return of Goods: Sometimes, whenever there’s some fault, the product is returned. Even when you use the latest machines to produce your product, sometimes it is unavoidable to remove the faulty goods produced so sometimes, return of goods is often expected.

These are some of the components that are very important in supply chain management. Apart from this, inventory is also a component in supply chain management where the product is invented or modified. Along with this location also plays an important role in the business to grow so the location of the market and business set-up also becomes part of supply chain management.

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