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Differentiating Compound and Complex Sentences

In What Ways Are Compound Sentences and Complex Sentences Different?

There is yet another division in the language of English which is the complex and compound sentences section. There are various elements included in the sentences falling under this division and they are majorly larger. To learn the difference between complex and compound sentences, it is necessary to have an understanding of the different types of comprising clauses. The clause is an element of the sentence that includes the verb and the subject together. It is possible to further categorize the clauses into two categories.

Dependent Clause

A clause that does not exist alone or has no specific meaning by itself would fall under this category. Subordinating words are usually used to initiate dependent clauses. Subordinating words include because, when, whoever, if, etc.

For example, If I arrive late, I should call a taxi.

An independent clause should be contained in the sentence for it to be grammatically correct. This implies that there should be a verb and a subject in the sentence.

Independent clause

when placed alone would convey its own meaning. Using just an independent clause, the reader would be able to understand the full idea.

I like tea, for example.

Knowing the difference between a compound and complex sentence will help you understand it better.

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Comparing Complex and Compound Sentences

The writer would find it nearly impossible to draft a compound-complex sentence without considering the below-mentioned factors.

Complex Sentences

It is being composed of multiple dependent clauses that are joined to form the sentences. A complex sentence typically has a subordinator. As well as Because, When, Since, Although, After, As, and so forth, there are also subordinators. In complex sentences, there is also a tendency to use relative pronouns. These are some of the most common relative pronouns.

Example –

  1. When he realized the tire was deflated, he turned down the car.
  2. A restaurant that serves Italian food would be our choice.
  3. As a result of his extravagant lifestyle, people consider him foolish.

Compound Sentences

It consists of two independent clauses, which are incorporated into content to create compound sentences. Conjunction is primarily used to join two independent clauses together. Conjunctions are most often used for this purpose: yet, and, so, nor, for, but, etc.

Example –

Both my brother and I enjoy Italian food, but our mother enjoys Chinese food.

I hope you now have a better understanding of the difference between compound sentences and complex sentences. The below section contains effective tips for drafting compound, complex, and multi-word sentences.

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