Primal Dual Relationship in Linear Programming

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Linear Programming Assignment Help

Linear Programming Assignments

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Observations Made While Forming Dual Linear Programming Problem

Before, solving the linear problem for duality, the original problem has to be formulated in its standard form. The meaning of standard form is that all the variables in the problem should be non-negative. Sign “>=” for the minimization case and “<=” for the maximization case be used. The observations obtained after solving linear programming problem for duality are:

  1. The original or the primal problem is of maximization type while the dual linear problem is of minimization type.
  2. The constraint values of the primal problem become the coefficients of dual variables in objective function of the dual problem. The coefficient of the variables in the objective function of the primal problem become the constraint value in the dual problem.
  3. The direction of inequalities change i.e. in the dual problem; the sign is the reverse of primal problem.

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