The methods you used to conduct your research must be discussed in your thesis or dissertation. By describing what you did and how you did it, the methodology chapter allows readers to evaluate the research’s validity and reliability. You can also refer to the Dissertation Methodology Writing Help by the service providers. It should include these elements:

  • Research you conducted
  • and the way you collected the data
  • Analysis of your data
  • Materials and tools you used
  • Methods you chose and why

It is usually a good idea to write the methodology section in the past tense. Detailed guidelines regarding what to include for various study types may also be included in academic style guides in your field. For example, the APA research methods sections have specific guidelines. The goal of your research should not just be to describe your methods, but also how and why you applied them. You need to show that your research was conducted rigorously. Edit your dissertation write-up through Dissertation Editors.

Be Clear About Your Objectives and Research Questions

As a result, your methodology section should clearly demonstrate how your methods align with your objectives and convince the reader that your choice is the most appropriate one for answering your research questions. Be sure to relate your choices to your dissertation’s central purpose throughout the entire section.

Please Cite Sources Relevant to The Topic

To strengthen your methodology, you can refer to existing research in the field, such as:

  • Follow the established procedures for conducting this type of research
  • by describing how you evaluated different methodologies and chose yours
  • Show how you addressed a gap in the literature using a novel approach

We provide online tools for creating MLA and APA citations.

Adapt Your Writing to Your Audience

Don’t go into unnecessary detail, and consider how much information you need to provide. The method you use should be standard for your discipline, so there’s probably no need to give any background or explanation. The methodological choices you make may need to be explained and justified if your approach is less common. Regardless of your methodology choice, you need to create a clear, well-structured text that explains your approach and not just lists specifics. Refer to the Dissertation Analysis and Result Writing Help service provider’s advice to make your write-up more approachable.

Identify and Discuss Obstacles

What steps did you take to overcome obstacles during the data collection or analysis? Describe your strategies for minimizing the impact of any unexpected obstacles. Ensure that you have made your research as rigorous as possible so that you are prepared for any major criticisms of your approach.

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