Today, mobile robotics are being developed for and used across almost every industry in order to solve for a number of complex issues. At MyAssignmentHelp we specialize in mobile robotics using the Segway platform and open source technology. As passionate innovators and creators, we keep a close eye on cutting edge developments and new technology being created in the field, to feed our curiosity and to offer the best solutions to our customer, whether they are in business or research. Their names are Baxter and Sawyer – fittingly human names for collaborative robots or cobots that work alongside humans, performing human tasks and trying to blend into the daily routine on the warehouse or production floor.

Utility of the Mobile Robots

One thing gives them away though — well, one thing besides their robotic movements, flat faces and lack of nose, mouth and ears — it’s their precision and efficiency. Designed to execute machine tending, circuit board testing, line loading, packaging, material handling and more, these two mobile robots from Rethink Robotics, now part of HAHN Group, can operate safely next to human co-workers in semi structured environments, helping to free up skilled human labor. MyAssignmentHelp help the students in the crisis moment by providing Last Minute Assignment Help online.

The UR10 robot from Universal Robots has the potential to optimize production and improve performance across a number of industries including automotive and subcontractors, food and agriculture, furniture and equipment, metal and machining, plastics and polymers, pharma and chemistry and scientific and research fields. Using automotive and aerospace applications, the 10Kg payload UR10 was created to perform a multitude of industrial tasks such as packaging, palletizing, assembly and pick and place. Some of the attributes that make the UR10 so popular are its easy programming capabilities, fast set-up-time of a day and a half, flexible deployment, and reputation as a collaborative and safe mobile robot. Plus, these cobots can be integrated with a mobile robot like Waypoint’s Vector for mobile manipulation. Students might get afraid or question our intellect when we say we have the right resources to provide last minute assignment help.

Robotics has become a very significant part of the world we live in since everything is now automated (from ATMs to car washes). This is why robotics has turned into a very popular subject among students of engineering. So if you’ve taken up robotics as your course, you know by now that despite being interesting on its own, its assignments can be a pain to deal with. However, there’s no need for you to panic as you can rely on MyAssignmentHelp Mobile Robotics Assignment Help services for all your assignments. Our robotics assignment help services are known to be the best in class.

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