You can understand the importance of agricultural growth dependency of a country by taking India as the prime example where 70% of the total population is engaged in agricultural activity. The countries’ growth depends a lot on the agricultural sector and therefore plant physiology which is the basic headquarters of all the agriculture related activities.

North America has been one such region that largely depends upon the agricultural sector as it contributes a hefty amount towards the GDP and other financial aspects of the country. Countries like Brazil and Paraguay largely rely on their high yield variety seeds obtained directly from the enriched soil they are blessed with. This is because of the perfect agriculture atmosphere they have around i.e. the enriched soil, river, vegetation as well as certain technology that is required for water and seeds harvesting. 

These countries are very important for the agricultural sector as they started off such activities due to food deficit and have mastered the techniques so well that they are the leading suppliers at the global level for agricultural techniques after India. They had the prime motive to fulfill the needs of the unfed or starving population by engaging into the agricultural sector and looking after the vegetation as it was the only available source for food and water. 

The amazing technological growth and socio-economic development over the decades within this sector has made the planet a safer place to live on and these countries act as the food shelter or pantry because of their dominant employment into the agricultural sector. 

How Does Plant Physiology Play Such an Important Role?

The plant physiology is the most vital and important aspect of these agricultural zones as it is very important for a smooth and better functioning of these zones. The scientists have studied the insights and working processes of plant physiology and thus have come up with amazing solutions to enhance the productivity by various technologies that are highly effective and efficient. Along with their efficiency they also provide for sustainable development in order to procure these resources for the future generations and provide them the enriched soil we were blessed with.

A lot of research inputs were poured in by the scientists about the integrated breeding based plants with the help of multi-disciplinary teams who used to monitor the changes on them due to usage of different products be it pesticides or other aspects of the plant physiology or agriculture. The research leads to various conclusions and socio-economic growth of the sector as well as technological advancement which plays an extremely vital role. 

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