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Overview of Inferiority Complex

“inferiority complex” term was invented by Alfred Elder psychologist in the year 1907.  It is a feeling of prevention and feeling of intense personal inadequacy, insecurity and weakness. If person have a thinking that they have a misconception person are not good enough it will damage their mind and social life.

 The cause of this individual have a bad self-image.  Apart from this person also have a constant feeling of hopelessness towards himself and their overall his well being.  Sometimes person have difficulty of taken things due to physical or psychological issues, real or imagined.

Important Significance of Inferiority Complex

Here we are sharing with you the importance of inferiority complex. You experience lots of things When you have chronic low self-esteem:

  • People don’t have confidence and they are underestimate
  • People have Seeing their flaws over and over again
  • You have an extreme feeling of Rejection of criticism
  • You have Fear of being judged
  • You have a Habit of comparing oneself with others
  • Person have their own-doubt not unconsciousness about them because of certain standards you impose on yourself.

Types of inferiority complex

Here we’ll discuss with you the types of inferiority complex. Two are differentiated below let’s have a look:

 Primary inferiority

Primary Inferiority complex is complex begin from childhood when a individual’s  mother and father often compare them.  Because in childhood kids  are very sensitive from their mind they are highly accepting of the mindset of their mother and father. In a age of childhood when kid is often scolded for being weak and inadequate, it will higher the cause of growing up with an inferiority complex.

 Secondary inferiority

The other one is Secondary inferiority it is an inferiority complex that known to an adult’s inability to reach objective because of person perceived inadequacy.  If an aduan individual with secondary inferiority they have with low self-esteem.  People often clash at social get together.  People believe that they cannot build good relationships.

Let’s have a Look on the Symptoms of Inferiority Complex

  • A person have Inferiority complex they are always in a bad mood, they’re all the time depressed, and they have no motive.
  • They have very minimum self-image, self-esteem, and have no confidence.
  • Always individual feel hopeless or weak in terms of psychologically.
  • They don’t have any motivation in their life
  • Person have a feeling of guilty for your choices and actions.
  • People get hurt easily with the little things when others criticize you in social situations.
  • People cannot do proper eye contact with others
  • Speak in soft tone with others.
  • Individual always underestimate their achievements and his positive qualities.
  • Person never praise.

Above given all the information you got the idea about Inferiority complex. People how have Inferiority complex have Emotional people they are spend much time comparing themselves with others.  If any person do this, he will come up with a never-ending list of ways that people are better than them.  So you never compare yourself to others, because everyone is different about your life and problems.