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The literary conventions is the defining the genre characteristic. Every genre has its own ideas, images and characters. So for more details read this blog till end let’s start with the meaning of literary conventions.

Know About the Literary Conventions

The Literary convention is the important characteristics of any literary writing work it  define its style. Important elements are tropes, arcs, clichés, or some such device that helps define how your readers would classify your literary format text.  For example, if you want to write romentic novels are often looking for a happy ending and unconditional love between the main love parts. On the other hand in Science fiction audience would expect to see subject matter related to robot, creatures, space or futuristic technology and many other examples like that.

Need to know the Difference Between Literary Conventions and Literary Devices

Literary convention help you to classify a text within its specific literary genre whereas in literary device you can figure out the speech that enhances imagination or text format interpretation. The literary devices include thing like simile, personification, euphemism, flashback, alliteration, oxymoron, or exaggeration with the help of these you can easily examine the literary devices. The literary conventions can help you to set the tone and expectations for any literature work whereas the literary devices deals with the language experience and the fiction interpretation.

Types of Literary Conventions

Here we’ll discussing about the types of literary conventions that will help you to define the piece of content you are reading these are

  • Tragedy Betrayal

Tragedy Betrayal is happened in Shakespeare’s plays for example Hamlet to Macbeth to Julius Caesar. Tragedy Betrayal usually leads to the demise of the main character.

Engagement in Comedy and Wedding Occasion In this era there are many modern and classic comedies end with weddings as a way to balance the lives of the characters. For example Shakespeare’s play.

  • Greek Chorus

In every Greek tragedies there are three chorus which composed of some characters of the play those who are not the part of the plot. In modern film and literature, Greek choruses can add amazing or self-awareness to a serious or tragic content.

  • Deus ex machina

The term Deus ex machina is a device of plot which is used when the sudden appearance of an unexpected person, event, or anything which leads to the resolution of a seemingly impossible difference or impossible problem.

  • Characters of Stock

The Stock characters can also be called as archetypal characters, it will provide you a clear indication of the type of work you are reading.

Example of Literary Conventions

  • Hamlet by Shakespeare
  • The Raven written by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Jabberwocky written by Lewis Carroll
  • The Iliad written by Homer
  • Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

In the above Blog you got the idea about literary convention. With the help of above details you can easily learn about literary convention for more details you can reach our site and get our experts service.