Along with APA, MLA, and Chicago, the Harvard style is one of the most widely used formatting types for academic writing. The document’s overall structure, such as the margin sizes and recommended fonts, must follow a Harvard referencing style for assignment writing. Additionally, it specifies how to properly cite sources in the text and the list of references after the article.

The following fields frequently employ Harvard referencing:

  • Humanities
  • the social sciences
  • Philosophy

The Harvard reference style may be required in other disciplines as well, though.

Formatting Guidelines for Papers

  • Borders of one inch on all sides
  • The suggested font sizes are 12-point Times New Roman or Arial.
  • The lines are spaced two spaces apart.
  • Left alignment is used for the text.
  • Each paragraph’s first line is indented by 0.5″.
  • Your first page should have a title in the center before the reader.
  • Page numbers and headers (see below).

Page Numbers, Headings, and a Title

  • Your paper should have a title that is center-aligned and placed before the text. Capitalize each key phrase, such as “Do My Math Homework.” Prepositions, short conjunctions, and articles do not require capitalization. Your title should not be bold, italicized, underlined, or indented.
  • Include a page number in the header of your essay in the top right corner of each page.
  • Your last name should be in the header before the page number.

Format for Harvard Outlines

It’s easy to maintain the Harvard Chicago referencing style for assignment writing. A paper’s outline follows the title page and contains a list of the essay’s sections. So write the phrase “Outline” and put it in the middle of the first line’s middle of the page. They should be capitalized and aligned to the left. 

If you have level 2 subheadings, include them as bullet points beneath the appropriate level 1 subheading. Be cautious to keep your level 1 subheadings’ numbering. Align the level 2 subheadings to the left, but for increased visual appeal, indent them slightly (by about half an inch). Could you not put them in italics here?

Reference List in Harvard Format

“Reference Collection” should be your list of Harvard references. Like level 1 subheadings, this word must be capitalized and centered. Every source you used in the paper with a bibliographical record must be included in the list. On the other hand, a reference list entry is required for every source referenced in the work. BookMyEssays Assignment Writing Help services include Harvard referencing format.

Learn more about bibliographical entry formatting in the sections below, or ask our writing research papers services to assist you.


Level 1 headlines: resemble the paper’s title exactly. They are capitalized, centred, bolded, italicized, underlined, and indented. After the heading, begin writing your content on a new line, as usual. Indent your text’s first line by 0.5 inches.

Level 2 headlines: Level 2 headlines are likewise capitalized. They are flush left, though. They are italicized as well. Start entering your subsection as usual on a new line after this subheading.

Level 3 headlines: The first phase of a new paragraph is introduced with Level 3 headers. Except for the header’s initial words, avoid capitalizing them. They have the same appearance as the remainder of the paragraph’s ordinary content, except that you should underline and put a period after such a heading.

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