Travel and tourism are one of the most flourishing businesses in the world today. Countries across the world promote this business from the government level. In fact, there are several countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe like Switzerland, Austria, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Tanzania, etc. whose GDP depend on the travel and tourism industry to a great extent. Thus, the travel and tourism business is viewed very seriously in these and many other countries. Millions of people in this country earn their livelihood from this industry. Thus, at the academic level too, interested students pursue different courses on tourism and hospitality assignment writing help service like BookMyEssay provides them necessary guidance for getting high grades in the examinations.

Travel and Tourism Management

Like any other industry, travel tourism and hospitality also requires efficient management. In recent times the industry has been witnessing certain changes which necessitate the adoption of the highest levels of management practices. As a result, qualified professionals with a degree or diploma in travel and tourism are highly demanded in this industry. Some changes that can be easily noticed are as follows:

  • Stiff competition: Competition in this sector was always there, but in recent times such competition has been getting stiffer and stronger. Many world-famous organizations have opened up their offices around the world making the competition really tough for the local players.
  • Technology: Information Technology has been changing the mode of this business drastically. Travelers around the world are now more interested in booking tickets or arranging a tour online. Travelers get instant news of every little matters including the best offers and packages instantly. As a result, it has become necessary for the tourism companies to be updated always.
  • Economical factor: It is a genuine concern for a company. World totters possess strong financial background whereas more and more people from middle economic class are moving around the world or at least in some selected parts. A travel and tourism company needs to keep this in view too. For their growth, they have to consider all classes of clients and manage different tour packages accordingly.
  • Government Regulation: Understanding the law related to this industry is also important. Governments in all economies have been very serious in this matter. As the industry, has been growing, many minor and major issues have also been surfacing prompting the respective governments to legalize different aspects of the industry accordingly. A travel and tourism company needs to be very much aware of the rules and regulations related to this industry in the country where they are operating as also in those countries where they arrange tours.

Tourism and Hospitality Management Assignment Help

Thus, a travel and tourism manager plays the most vital role within their job responsibility. As the importance and popularity of travel and tourism have been increasing, so also the necessity of assignment writing help of BookMyEssay for the benefit of the students in this arena.