CRM or Customer Relationship Management is concerned with all perspectives of interactions that a company makes with its customers and vice versa. It can be related with the sales or service of the company, providing relevant information to the customers or providing them with the latest updates etc. In common parlance, the term CRM is used to define a business-customer relationship, and business to business relationships. These days, many management students pursue specialized courses on CRM, again, they learn different aspects of CRM while pursuing their courses on Marketing Management. In any case, provides professional assistance to these students to accomplish their assignment on CRM successfully.


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Importance of CRM

The prime advantage most businesses realize when moving to a strategic CRM system comes straightway from having all relevant data stored and retrieved from a single setting. Organizations, who are yet to accept strategic CRM, frequently face problems in accessing important customer data right in time, because such data spread out everywhere like, in email systems, mobile phones, paper notes, laptops, etc. CRM helps them to store all the vital data from all departments, like HR, Marketing, SC, Customer Care, Finance, etc. in a central location. It helps the management and staffs to access relevant data just when they need it. Moreover, it helps the departments to work together comfortably, and CRM systems help the organizations to develop well-organized computerized processes to expand business processes.

Other benefits of a well-organized CRM are as follows –

  • It allows the management to categorize the contacts according to their present status like customers, Inactive customers, Lost customers, prospects, suppliers, Influencers etc.
  • It helps to preserve a complete history of interaction with a customer. It is really helpful aspect in any business –  customers get importance, as also customer care executive could continue the next interaction confidently.
  • It opens up new leads. Calling inactive customers and prospects often opens up new leads and sales increase.

Thus, it is evident that CRM is required for enhancing the customer base and increasing sales. Everybody knows that customers are important for a company. CRM helps a company to design the most relevant customer relationship strategy to make the existing customers more attached (brand oriented) to the company. In this highly competitive market, relevance of CRM has been increasing day-by-day. Customers stop being customers for multiple of reasons. They may move to an alternative brand, they may not like the product or don’t need the product any more, or there may be multiple of other reasons. A recent survey has shown that almost 50% of customers leave a company because they feel ignored. A strategic CRM can solve the issue permanently.

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