Why does the student fail to obtain high scores in the assignments? One of the primary problems examiners often talks about is the use of correct words in the essays. A content may be full of information and focus on the subject matter. But, you will not be able to impress the examiner, if it is not written like a profession or an expert. Your approach may not look serious due to lack of proper terminologies, and formal words. Your examiner is a professional and experienced person, he will read your essay from his angle, and his experienced mind will instantly focus on the casual wordings. So, you can’t neglect this part of an essay or any other assignment writing task.

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Here are the best ways to write an impressive essay with the most suitable words:

  1. Never use unclear words: It is the most obvious problem that examiners often mention. Human things mentally in their own ways. The words you use while thinking something may not be suitable for writing. Just see these two sentences:

“The manager shouted at the employees”

“The manager showed his anger towards his employees”

Obviously, the second sentence is much more clear and formal than the first one. So, always be careful in using words.

  1. Don’t repeat the same words too much in the same paragraph: It makes a paragraph apparently boring and sometimes unattractive. So, try to use synonyms, if you are bound to use that particular word repetitively.
  2. Never use colloquial words: There are some words which you can use while writing an essay, like “wanna”, “ya”, etc. or some words that are mostly regional in nature should be avoided in an essay.
  3. Never use slang: be very serious about this matter. Use of slings will not only deteriorate the quality of the essay, it may also disqualify your paper.
  4. Terminology – Learn terminologies in your subject. This is required to show your grasp on the subject. In professional subjects, like computer science, management, and medicines, you can’t ignore terminologies.
  5. Don’t use first person unless directed: Essays are mostly written in third person. So, be cautious while writing an essay in the first person. Read the guidelines properly, and if you are still unclear, ask your mentor, or lecturer, whether you can use the first person or not.
  6. Show confidence with proper words: When you are making conclusion after an elaborate discussion, show your confidence with proper wordings. Use of “may be”, “otherwise”, “almost”, “but”, etc. may weaken your conclusion. So, be careful while using them.
  7. Flow in writing: A reader will remain interested throughout if you can keep the flow of the content in the correct order. Always pay special attention while switching over to a new aspect in the same paragraph, while changing a paragraph, and while changing to a sub-heading. Use connective words in between to keep the flow of the content intact.
  8. Use a word possessing appropriate meaning: Some words may apparently seem same in their meanings, like a reservoir, and tank, home, and house, retreat and come back, etc., but their meaning change drastically depending on the place. So, be alert while using them.
  9. Same pronunciation: Some words may pronounce same, like there or there, but that doesn’t mean they possess the same meaning.

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