Research papers are an important part of any academic course, but it is not something that students can take lightly. A research paper is a kind of academic assessment writing that requires significant theoretical data gathered by the student according to his/her interest in an academic subject. Preparing research paper is quite a task as it requires a lot of research, thorough readings of the books, student’s own ideas and many other things. Moreover, when a student is writing a research paper as a part of his/her course, then they have to be very careful about the referencing style, guidelines, and deadlines given by the university.

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Simple steps for a Well-Written Paper

One can also write a research paper with the purpose of publishing it independently. Though it seems a work that requires uphill struggle still one can complete it with no difficulty if one has done proper work. While preparing a good research paper one has to take care of certain things:

  • Select the topic. The topic should be of student’s interest and then he must read the extra study material on that topic.
  • Brainstorming sessions– one should take part in brainstorming sessions for oneself as it would lead to a clear idea and an outline of the topic. One can organize these sessions with his/her mentor. But if one s publishing the paper independently, then the best thing would be to ask questions from oneself.
  • Organize notes– organizing notes is very important. It helps to keep the track of progress made in the research paper and also helps in maintaining the clarity of the research paper.
  • Sketch an outline– before starting with writing the research paper right away; one should prepare an outline of it. This will help the writer to begin the research paper with a more clear idea.
  • Make drafts– making drafts helps one in revising the paper thoroughly and then making the necessary editions in it. It also helps one see if any point is missing or if anything needs more detailed explanation. After the first draft one can see what is lacking in the paper, so one gets the time to re-write the crucial things.
  • Prepare bibliography– bibliography is one of the utmost important parts of a research paper. It is a list of works or sources that the student studies and used in the research paper, and it also helps to keep a record of what part was taken from which book.

Good Research Paper and Patience go Hand in Hand

Though writing a research paper can be a difficult task, but if one follows these steps then one can complete with no extra effort. Also, while writing a research paper one must see to the fact that the sources he/she is taking are reliable enough. Writing an effective research paper requires a lot of patience from student’s part. Sometimes, while writing a research paper, they get lost in the thought or get confused about what to write. The best thing to do in such situations would be to take a break, read what has been written till yet and then start paper writing again.

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