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Java EE 8 โ€“ Tremendous Features

  • Compatible with different technologies

Java EE 8 is compatible with various technologies which are being used in the IT industry nowadays. Java EE 8 supports some of the technologies named as cloud application, HTML5 used for user interface integration in which web page can be designed well to attract users in simpler manner, HTTP/2 which is a highlight in Java EE 8.

  • Availability of JSON-B

In the upgraded version of Java standard edition, JSON structure is also been provided which is very useful for the implementation in software application. JSON is basically a JavaScript object notation binding technology which is generally used in JAVA to convert Java objects to and JSON file format or vice versa.

  • Improved Version of JSON-P

JSON-P is basically used in API integration part. This is safe and secure as per the web development point of view. Therefore, students need to learn about the same to make their career bright in Java object-oriented language.

  • Enhanced Server Capabilities

With the advanced version of Java EE 8, HTTP/2 feature is available in Java Servlet. This feature provides a technical advantage in Java programming language to extend server capacities.

  • Importance of Java Server Faces 2.3 Feature

This feature is introduced in Java EE 8 version which is helpful for developing server-side user interfaces. Server-side scripting is much safe and secure as per the reviews of a Software engineer.

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