Every student brings various pictures in mind by hearing the name of Science, strict teachers, Tough and confusing lectures, lab, microscopes, assigned text and much more. Every chapter has different aspects which makes science tough to most of the students. But on other hand science is a subject with full of discovery and knowledge. It allows us to understand logics, facts, and nature. It also helps us to discover unimagined facts which normally a person cannot think of.

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Einstein’s theory of relativity, Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, the law of gravity, the law of attraction and many more facts of science which makes it interesting despite being tough. Scientist’s adventurous nature of discovering something unique makes it interesting, and the knowledge they share then make it useful. Yes, the facts and knowledge scientists discover for us are very impressive and helpful. We being humans cannot deny scientific facts because they have logics in their facts, and of course, good scientists always believe in facts rather than the false notion.

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