What is Amway?

Amway can be taken as the first company to start the concept of direct selling or multi-level marketing. It is a company started in 1959 by two Dutch friends as an association called American Way association. This was later on known as Amway association. It started with a single liquid cleansing product. It was the first environmental, bio-degradable and concentrated product. Today the company is world’s largest multi-level marketing company. It has a distributor force of more than 3 million and more than 450 products. The product ranges from personal care, nutrition, household and cleaning products.

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The company since its inception has been into direct selling. Its tagline is “Helping people live better lives.” It has its headquarters are in Michigan, USA. It has other product range like electronics, dietary supplements, air-purifiers, cosmetics and even insurance products. It has a workforce of more than 21000 employees led by current CEO Steve Van Adel.

How to Write the Amway Case Study with SWOT Analysis?

In order to write a case study with SWOT analysis assignment help, one has to be well-conversant with what a SWOT analysis is. SWOT means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, and Threats. This analysis gives us a complete picture of the company. Any case study needs SWOT analysis of the problem to come out with a clear solution. However, Amway case study SWOT analysis assignment help from BookMyEssay can be the best remedy for you.

Let’s have SWOT Analysis of Amway:

  • Strengths: It is positioned among top 30 private companies. It is having business in 80 countries with more than 3 million distributors. It has a wide range of products with reach to almost every household. It has bagged many awards world over. It has started campaigns for children in need.
  • Weaknesses: As the products are directly available online and from distributors, it cannot earn profits from retail sales. The cost of its products is higher than other brands in the world. It does not promote itself through commercials or advertisements on media services. It does not have any brand ambassadors promoting its products.
  • Opportunity: It has provided online platform making the product promotion very easy and rapid globally. It is planning to tie up and collaborate with internationally renowned chains of beauty salons and experts to promote their beauty products under the name of Amway.
  • Threats: There is a rapid increase in competition both at the national and international levels. The possibility of the customers to switch over to other better and cheaper products presented by the competitors. The fiercest competition may be from local products which are more feasible to the domestic customers. This may be taken as the most serious threat to the position and value of the company in the market.