Android is defined as a framework for a mobile device or you can describe as an operational framework or operating system of mobile and delivers s set of different software for mobile to work. That includes the operating system of mobile, middleware and mobile applications. It is very vast to explore and students are not having too much time to write the whole assignment of Android. They are not getting the suitable marks in this field. They are looking for good writing help for android assignment from any reputed and authentic service provider. We are here to solve the problems of these students because we have the best android experts on our team and they are capable to solve all the queries related to the android assignment. They are having years of experience in term of assigning the dissertation writing, homework help to the students.


It is basically an open source operating system that can easily run on different devices like tablets, notebooks, cell phones etc. To the development of software, Android delivers a development kit that is knowns as Android SDK. It contains very powerful operating system and all the written coding in it is in JAVA.

Have a look at various Features of Android

  • Connectivity: Mainly Android supports the different connectivity technologies like CDMA, IDEN, LTE, Wi-Fi as well as blue tooth.
  • Storage Capacity: Android is the best supporter, it supports a national database, name as SQLite that is mainly used for data storage.
  • Android Beam: This is one of the extensible features of Android that can give the permission to users to share the facility with each other.
  • Resizable Widgets: By using this feature, you can easily resize the widgets according to your requirement.
  • Media Supporter: It allows supporting the numerous media format. Some of the media formats are AMR, AAC, PNG etc.

In this IRA, Android is best mobile operating system because it offers the best approach to the application development for different mobile devices. The main advantage of the android is it acts as a translator between a user and its gadget. It delivers the best and secure networking and web browsing to the user. Our experts also give the detailed information related to the android in the sessions. They will provide the sessions in small modules so that students can easily get the idea about topics and collect the queries in next session. That will help the students to grab the best grades.

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