Academic Writing – An integral Part of Current Curriculum

Academic writing is no more confined to essays written on some general topics that were read and learned by students and delivered in their exams. Todays, academic writing has become a highly personalized task wherein students, professors, and researchers have to collaboratively find ways to probe a topic in any given subject to convey ideas, prepare arguments, in order to participate in scholarly discussions. With the noteworthy evolution in the patterns of academic writing services, students have become more proactive in researching the matter and framing evidence-based arguments in well-framed sentences following an impersonal tone.

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Significance of Academic Writing

Even though many students complain of having the disadvantage of correct writing talent to express their thoughts through academic report writing instead of report writing, it cannot be denied that academic writing has done wonders at improving and enhancing knowledge graph of those who start with nil knowledge about a subject and by the end of their report, were pros at the topic. Apart from gaining all round knowledge about any given topic in any subject, such writing tasks empower the students with the act of informing, analyzing, and convincing the reader about their side of the scholarly dialogue.

Types of Academic Writing Assignments

Academic writing is a broader term which is further segregated into some of sub categorizations that justify different forms. Some of the common types of academic writing assignments allotted to students are discussed in detail below:

  • Research Paper.This kind of paper act as a supporting wing for a thesis basis which an argument is framed. Such papers are assigned for almost every subject and are analytical, evaluative, or critical. Students assigned with this kind of academic writing have to follow common research sources that include but is not limited to data, historical records and peer-reviewed scholarly articles etc. It works on setting the right content and combination of external information with personal ideas.
  • Literary Analysis: This is a popular kind of essay that works towards assessing, evaluating as well as framing an argument to express the opinion on a particular literary work. Its base extends beyond the basic summarization enveloping the bigger picture wherein a close assessment or reading is done on the motif, theme, multiple texts or characteristic.
  • Dissertation. Handled by Ph.D. students, a dissertation (also referred to a thesis) is regarded as one of toughest writing tasks that go to the length of a book and summarises researched conducted by doctoral students.

Some basic Features of Academic Writing

  • Precise and clear: Academic writing does not fly with a free wing and has straight focused approach towards a given topic. Each word of the paper is set in context with the primary focus of writing along with background information to support the thesis statement.
  • Logical structure: Academic writing mostly follows a logical and forthright structure. It is perhaps simplest of all writing tasks that comprise of introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  • Evidence-based arguments: Academic writing will never be devoid of well-informed arguments which are delivered in an impersonal tone.

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