Introduction:  As the terms, both liberal arts and science seems to be different by meaning and application but both are required in each other’s education like in education of science arts is also required to add perfection to your work and assignments. While education of arts require knowledge of science for extraordinary add ups in your art work and enable to complete your assignments with much better prospects.

Liberal arts basically comprises of subjects like history, language, literature, philosophy, humanities etc. which actually intended to increase your general knowledge. It does not raise you skillfully as any vocational or professional courses as in science. So, implementation of science in arts subjects actually refines your abilities and increases your capabilities to do things differently. It is actually implied in both the cases. We all know, learning of arts makes u human being adding all the human qualities, like patient, creative, diplomat and a tactful person, which will be great if implied in science learning also. Moreover, writing assignments with the combination of both the aspects make it amazing.

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Points to Show How Science is Essential for Liberal Arts Education:

  • Science provides logical expression & evaluation: science is something to logic, it always tries to find out the logic behind every facts and conception of arts. It is well-known arts basically deals with conceptual and imaginary things but with the application of science, you can actually feel it practically.
  • Science implies techniques & innovation: science itself is technology, it is based on techniques to make it more innovative and its application in arts learning make it more skillful and advanced also fulfilled. Students will try to work differently to discover a new
  • Science lead to better analysis of subject: science actually makes you deep observant which enables better analysis of your projects, surveys. It can help you by providing extraordinary reports.
  • Science provides exact reason for any problem: science works on the principle of theories more than a hypothesis, which is actually result driven. Application of science tools & techniques enables art students to find out exact reasons and answer for every issues & problem much different from hypothetical results.
  • Science refines the scope of arts and vice versa:  science ultimately refines the scope of arts by adding technologies and strategies to arts learning and in the same way, arts also makes a perfect combination with science in learning and application by adding human aspects and knowledge of literature.

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