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Accounting and Finance is not easy to maintain manually. We need the help of multiple advanced applications to manage the accounts of any business. That will help to do task efficiently and we can do many tasks with the help of these applications. Here we are defining some applications that makes your work easy

  • Microsoft Outlook: With the help of this application, you can easily get the information given by your team. It includes fast filtering that will help you to get the fast result to find a particular e-mail. With its advanced feature, you can also send the large document without the need to need download them. Here you will get easy inbox management as well.
  • Dropbox: It is advanced file sharing application and also gives the large number of storage as well. With the help of this application you can easily track your e-mails on daily basis.
  • Elevatr: Basically, this is a business application, by suing this application you can map, organize and share your business ideas to other members. It also gives the idea, how to manage the information and related to business model.
  • Roambi Analytics: This application helps you to maintain your data meaningful and error free. With the help of this application you can easily convert your data in to chart or visuals as well. In advance feature of Roambi you can pull your data from large number of resources.
  • The Decision App: This application helps you to find and create the best possible plan for your business. You can easily work on multiple number of business strategies and find the best one according to your business by using this application. It gives the best result in term of planning.
  • Audio Meme: This is an advance recording application, with the help of this you can easily record all the information about seminar, lecture and workshops etc. It is mainly use to record the high-quality sound.
  • Evernote: This will help you to keep track on your plans related to your business planning. It also helps to maintain the record of ideas, research, links, videos etc.
  • Prezi: It delivers the best functions to make advanced presentation to represent the data of your business. By using its feature, you can get the best result and make the accurate presentation.
  • Super Notes: It is advanced method to save your audio clips, you can also save the images as well by suing this. You can also store the lecture with images as well.
  • Unstuck: It helps to make your work accurately in minimum of time. It helps to take correct decision according to business in less time.
  • Any Do: It is one of the most productivity app for business, with the help of this you get the better communication between the employees. It also gives the reminder to complete the work according to the priority.

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