It is often seen that many people get confused between healthcare management and healthcare administration. Just because both term look alike doesn’t mean the same thing. The difference between these terms is similar to the difference between sales and marketing. As known both sales and marketing are the part of the revenue but they accomplish their task separately. Sales mean the face to face interaction with the customers while on the other side marketing is the way to inform customers about the product they are selling. Therefore, it is understandable to get confused between healthcare management and healthcare administration. Students who are pursuing a degree in healthcare management might need healthcare management assignment help to understand the difference.


The public perception about both terms is similar and used in the conversation as the same thing. However, the differences between both fields are huge. It is obvious they both deals with the healthcare sector with their unique characteristics. Here are some things that help you to differentiate in a better way.

Same Yet Different Characteristics

The general difference between healthcare management and healthcare administration is that management runs the tasks of the organization and on the other hand administrations handle the staffing part. Still, both fields share the similar tasks, which influence people making them think they are the same. As dealing in the healthcare industry both works under the grounds of the hospitals overseeing administration and management tasks.

Job responsibilities

The second method to differentiate between healthcare management and healthcare administration is their job responsibilities. Both fields perform and responsible for different tasks in the healthcare. While healthcare administrator looks upon the staff of the hospital that includes supervision and management of whole or several departments of the hospital. They are responsible for staffing making sure there is enough staff to handle the patients and look after other tasks. Healthcare administration makes sure that the facility is running smoothly with constantly changing healthcare cutbacks and regulations.

On the other hand, healthcare management plays a broader role in healthcare facility compare to the healthcare administration. Often acting similarly to the HR representative of an organization, a healthcare manager deals with the daily tasks such as budgeting, patient care, general business concern and critical organizational issues. They directly work with the hospital boards to handle the difficult situations and provide a plan for better action strategies during the crisis. In the similar facilities where the staff is less the healthcare manager can take over the role of HR administration. BookMyEssay offers affordable healthcare management assignment help to students who are pursuing a master degree in healthcare management.

Education and training

Well, when it comes to choosing between healthcare management and healthcare administration many students find themselves at lost.  As you read above both occupations perform different tasks in the healthcare sector and also come from two completely different educational backgrounds. A healthcare manager must have a master degree in management, usually, an MBA degree in the healthcare would work. A healthcare administrator may only need to get a bachelor degree in the healthcare administration. It depends on the facility whether they require a bachelor or master degree for the job. In case if the student faces any difficulties with their writing assignment, they can visit BookMyEssay an online platform for healthcare management essay assignment help.