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CAD and CAM Operations Subject and Assignments

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CAD And CAM as a Subject

CAD stands for computer-aided design. It is the use of computer technology for the designing and documentation process. This software using the input tools aid users to streamline the documentation, drafting and designing process. CAD software is used by the engineers and designers extensively in many applications. The software is used in industries like shipbuilding, aerospace engineering, automotive industries and industrial design. On the other hand, the CAM that stands for Computer-aided manufacturing. It is also a computer software, which is used in the manufacturing process to to manage machine tools. Basically, it also refers to the process in which computer is used to help the manufacturing operations such as planning, manufacturing and transportation. This CAM is a computer-aided process succeeding to the CAD.

The manufacturing processes and designing are conceptually separable. However, the process of designing should be taken only after understanding the production process. Both the software is used in the manufacturing units that requires computer-aided operations. The software is used for all computer-aided operations. The main function of this software is to increase production speed and in some cases the software is used to minimize waste as well.

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