The conflict between the employees working in the same organization is common nowadays, but the problem starts when these conflicts left unsolved. Which could indirectly lead to creating disruption in department productivity and morale.


Therefore, every organization need conflict management to resolve workplace conflict. Students who are pursuing their master degree in the field may need conflict management assignment help to completely understand the subject. Today, the demand of conflict manager has increased in the market. Now, no matter whether it is small or large scale organizations are looking forward to hiring a conflict manager to maintain morale at the workspace and stop employees from leaving due to high conflicts.

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Office Conflict: Tips for Managers

Conflict can happen in almost every corner of the company but depends on the manager how efficiently he or she can handle it. According to the Jeffrey Krivis’s book Improvisational Negotiation a manager should always:

  • Let people tell their stories: It has been witnessed when someone is upset about something, they need someone who will carefully listen to their story. This right here is the basic principle of the mediation and one a manager should follow. Allowing the people to tell their part of the story can further complicate the situation but as a manager, you have to go through this phase of conflict to come up with the proper solution.
  • Try to bring reality in front of everyone: Often in conflict people get so involved that they actually forget to see the big picture which is right in front of them. As a conflict manager, it is your responsibility to bring them back to the reality by wrenching their attention from a grain of sand to the whole beach.
  • Identify the true impediment in the scenario: during every conflict, you may need to ask yourself what is the actual factor that keeping one person to accept the proposed solution.
  • Team conflict resolution: Know when to become a referee

As mentioned above dispute between employees are common and inevitable but it takes no time to take a serious mode. It is difficult to decide when you have to get in and stop it. The problem can affect the productivity of the employee and disrupt others. So, while resolving a conflict, you have to find out whether it is work-related or interpersonal and actually is not related to work. After knowing this, you can work accordingly.

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