The significance of supply chain management is rapidly increasing in a dynamic business environment. It is the backbone for companies involved in product manufacturing. It is the business process that can be understood by learning how goods move from a producer, distributor, retailer, to customers.


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What is Supply Chain Management?

It is basically the management of information, products, and funds flow in the customer supply chain across various functional areas. It involves combining several processes in a supply chain for creating the importance for stakeholders and customers.

Components of Supply Chain Management

There are 5 components of supply chain management and these are as follows:

  1. Sourcing & purchasing: Sourcing means searching, analyzing, and engaging top suppliers of goods and services. Purchasing or procurement is the purchasing of goods and services.
  2. Planning: It is highly significant to plan everything in an advance such as determine the product demand, check the costing, manpower, and etc. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages to achieve long-term benefits.
  3. Source: Purchase high-quality material for the production of a premium quality product. It helps in creating a good reputation in the market.
  4. Inventory and production: Keep a list of raw materials and all things essential for a product. Properly and timely manage the inventory for effective production and good sales. Follow all the stages of production such as manufacturing, testing, packaging, and last preparation for creating the best end product.
  5. Transportation and warehousing: It is the most important and biggest task to transport and store the product. Use the best transportation mode and warehouse with a technology system to ensure that goods are safely moved to the location where customers buy it.

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