The Oracle database is the relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by the Oracle Corporation. It was developed by Lawrence Ellison in the year 1977. Ellison developed it with the help of other developers. It is one of the most popular databases and the most trusted one used in the corporates, because of its end number of features and data security.


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Some Common Use Of Oracle Database

  • The database is used in companies that have huge data to store the pre-defined kind  of data
  • The Oracle database support the Standard Query Language (SQL), which is again a database used in corporate.
  • The database is used for managing and manipulating the large size database of companies
  • It is used for storing information in the form of database. The information includes employee details, their login details, product details etc.
  • The database is used to store huge size data that company owns and uses.
  • The database is used for providing security options
  • It is also useful in recovering database when it is lost or got corrupted.

There are many other uses of Oracle database and many corporates are right now using this database to manage their work. It is an effective tool and offer lots of convenience when it comes to  have a view of different departments on a single window.

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