In the 21st century, the science is at its peak. You can see the science everywhere. It is the science that has introduced artificial intelligence. And now, the same artificial intelligence is showing a fresh facet of science to us.

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There is no person or a group of people who could keep up with the huge amount of information produced by many present day experiments in astronomy and physics. Some experiments records, even terabytes of data each day and this is only increasing. E.g. The Square Kilometer Array (SKA), which is a radio telescope lined up for switching on in the mid-2020s, will produce the amount of data traffic every year which as big as the whole internet.

This huge flow of information is turning numbers of  scientists to artificial intelligence for the support. With a small amount of human input, AI systems like artificial neural networks, computer-simulated networks of neurons whose function is similar to brain can cultivate through a huge amount of data. This can highlight  anomalies and can detect patterns, which is beyond the imagination or abilities of humans.

Artificial Intelligence And Scientists

There is no doubt that by using computers, scientists have learned to understand data pattern and have been able to manage such a large amount of data, but the way AI is managing everything in a new way. One of the e.g. of the same is generative modeling. The modeling helps in identifying the most credible theory amid rivaling clarification for observational data is completely based on the data. And the most importantly, it is done without any pre decided knowledge of what kind of physical processes could be at work within the system under study. According to proponents of generative modeling, it is enough to consider AI as the “third way” to know more about the universe.

Traditionally, all of have learned about nature by observing things around us. Johannes Kepler poring over tables of planetary positions of Tycho Brahe and trying to tell the difference present underlying pattern. An astronomer has prepared the model movement of Milky Way as well as its neighboring galaxy, Andromeda. They have predicted that the whole galaxy will collide to each other in a few billion years. The stimulation and observation has helped scientists to develop hypotheses, which can be tested with observations. The generative modeling is different from both approaches.

There are groups of scientists present who see generative modeling and other new methods as a powerful tool for learning and practicing traditional science. But, at the same time most of the scientists agree with the fact that AI has a huge and important impact. The role of science is going to grow only.

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