The internal auditing is basically an independent and objective based evaluation of internal controls of organization in effective management of risk within it risk taking potential. Internal auditing identifies every minute thing in accounting of an organization.  It has many principles, rules and regulations to do that. In this article we are going to learn about all this.


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Approach and Principles of Internal Accounting


An internal auditor has the freedom to take many decision and act on it. The auditor has the freedom to decide what subject he is going to audit and at what time. It is completely dependent on the auditor which subject he is going to audit, what issues he is going to rate and what rating he is going to give.

While doing the Internal auditing of an organization it is possible that top management might influence the auditor. But, it is the responsibility of auditor to overrule  any interference in work and do not work under any influence or pressure of anyone.

Being the head of Internal auditing team, the auditor should have the access to meet the chief executive or the board executive whenever he need any information or assistance


The objective of Internal auditing is clear, no matter who does the Internal auditing of an organization, the opinion and conclusion that one internal auditor makes regarding an organisation should remain the same for other professional internal auditors as well, the outcome could not differ, even it is done multiple times by different auditors.

The internal auditor should also make sure that its objective has not been compromised in any condition or should not be challenged by any business or personal relationships.

It is the responsibility of auditor that they should take the help of the seniors if they think that their objective could be compromised because of any external pressure. The manager has the right to take appropriate action like removing you from the audit work you are engaged in or take some efforts to remove any type of external pressure on the working team.

This is the approach and principal guide of Internal auditing. If you need more information on this topic, then you refer the website of the Institute of Internal Audit (IIA) website or Committee of Sponsoring Organisations (COSO).

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