With every passing day, we have seen lots of phases in the English Language. But have you ever thought about how this world-famous language evolved? Or what will be its features which can make it popular for 100 years or more? No idea? Then this blog is surely for you. Here we will explore every aspect of this language. Other than that, you can also hire English assignment writing help at affordable prices.


How the English Language Came into the Picture?

Have you ever remembered when these words come into existence like Crapulous, Expergefactor, Fudgel? Not Remember Right? If you look out its history, then you will find that it comes into existence in the early century of the 5th Century, when the Anglo-Saxons came to Britain to get settled. That means this language evolved from Old English language which has gone through unrecognizable changes.

But you can still find out many speakers who are fluent in the old English language. May be the main reason behind this is that today many words we are speaking are derived from old English. Just like these words: Ordeal, blossom, afford etc.

The English Language is rapidly changing in this fast tech world. There are different forms of English language has been coming into the spotlight, that is Old English, Early Modern English, Middle language, and the modern language which we generally speak.

What do You think Is English Language Changing?

Of course, it is! A lot of changes has been discovered in this language. You must be heard from your parent that they used “Word from the bird”, to describe the word truthfulness, or for describing the term travel, they often used “Galivant”. Even today, there are so many English words that were not discovered earlier, like Selfie, Hoodie, Voicemail etc. You can see lots of words have been added to the vocabulary.

How will English Language will Sound in Coming 100 Years?

It is quite tough to predict the scope or you can say the future of the English language. But you can definitely say that there are many changes which are certainly going to happen. Those words which we are using now will become obsolete after some time, and we can experience the new words in our dictionary. Even, we can see a lot of changes in phrases and word.

When you travel across many countries, you can see the English language has strengthened its roots in many places. The traveling experience helps to shape the strong scope of English. As, you more meet with people, more experience you will get and there will be an addition of more and more words in the dictionary.

In a nutshell, you can say even after 100 years, this language going to rule. However, you will be witness to see some changes in your English language with the addition of new words which help to make your content more effective and compelling. You can buy assignment help online on English subject to  understand the origin and development of the English Language.