Employee performance appraisal is the subjective process of every organization. It evaluates the performance of the employees. The managers are responsible for measuring the performance of the employees. They use performance evaluation data to ensure that all the employees work ratings are consistent and fair. The employee performance appraisal is a very long process and it has many steps. The students who are working on the assignment of this process can ask for the performance management assignment help from the experts of BookMyEssay.


No matter what size of the business, the process of performance appraisal necessary for it. In this blog, we would throw the limelight on the importance of employee performance appraisal process for an organization. We would also discuss details of what this process consists of?

How Performance Appraisal Results in the Development of the Organization?

  • The performance appraisal is useful for improving the productivity of the company.
  • It allows you to make informed decisions regarding the promotion of the deserving employees, termination, and increment, etc.
  • You can identify the responsibilities and goals of the job employees are doing.
  • It is also useful for assessing the employee’s performance to achieve these goals and objectives.
  • You can identify and analyze their working style and how they use their special skills to complete the task. It also mentions the specific areas of their expertise.

If you want to increase the productivity of the employees then you must focus on developing a plan which aims at improving the specific areas of the working process. This pan should contain supporting strategies for improving employee’s efforts. It is also important to get feedback from them just to ensure that their involvement and commitment towards the plan is improving their performance.

  • Evaluation of competencies: There are many different ways to evaluate competencies in your organization. Therefore, it is important to choose the right way because it can make a huge impact on maintaining the consistency of employee’s performance appraisals. Some of the most commonly used methods for competencies are No rating, short rating, long rating, and matrix rating.
  • Collecting multi-rate feedback: It is a challenging task for the manager to give feedback and rating of employee’s performance. It is advisable to use multiple feedbacks because it eliminates the subjectivity and always gives broader and consistent results of employee’s performance.
  • Involvement of second level manager’s group: It can be very helpful if the organization somehow manages to have the second level of the manager’s group. This would make this task easier for managers. Generally, hundreds of employees work in an organization and it is difficult for the managers to keep every single detail about their performance. Having a second level manager’s group would help managers to review their performance again. If there is any detailed missed or omitted then it can be corrected.