Homework” is a debatable topic for many students, parents and even teachers. At some point in our life, we doubt the validity of the homework children receives. Those who are teaching their child at home, regularly find themselves drowning into the sorrow of argument behind this. Often, the parent-teacher meeting at the school just becomes a discussion of incomplete homework and assignment help. Instead of highlighting the week points of the students, teachers just take about how he incapable the child is with his homework. This creates uncertainty about the homework making us think for a second if the homework worth all this hassle? To comprehend the significance of the homework writing task we have to dive into its origin, suggested benefits and possible negative effects.

Homework Help

The Origin of The Homework

The origin of the homework is dated back to 1905 when Italian teacher Roberto Nevilis invented homework to punish his students. From that time onward homework become a famous practice around the world. At the end of the 19th century, there were some changes were made in the homework due to the evolution of the education structure.

According to the recent survey of the high schools, “homework” is a primary source of stress in 56% of students. The same students also reported that due to the strict deadline of the homework, they suffer from anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation and other sorts of health problems as well as less they get less time to spend with friends and family. Students also reported that to clear the pile-up work on their desk they often need to hire homework  help online.

Although it begins as a punishment to students, there are many people who still believe in the suggested benefits of the homework writing tasks.

Suggested Benefits of the Homework Task

Obviously, the most presumed benefit of the homework is it enhances the students’ understanding of the educational concepts. As many believe that in the classroom students use short-term memory when learning in the classroom and when leaving the next class this memory gets replaced by the next lesson. But they neglect the fact that education is beyond memorising some facts. Students need to adapt the information in a way that they can use it in real-life circumstances. Apart from this, there are other presumed benefits of the homework like;

  • Improve learning skills and time management.
  • Teaching process can take place beyond the four walls of the classroom.
  • Promote self-discipline and self-responsibility.

The Possible Negative Effects of Homework on Students

Probably one of the most common effects of the homework on both parents and students is “stress”. Homework can be a battleground for the students where he needs to fight the critics and prove his worth. In addition, there are other potential issues students face with the homework writing tasks:

  • Homework is a time-consuming process that leaves students with less time to spend on beneficial activities such as music, sports and community involvement.
  • The burden of homework can lead students to lose interest in the subject.
  • Tight deadlines create fear in students’ mind.

In the end, homework is beneficial for students if it is assigned to a limit but the excessive burden of it can surely affect the personal growth of the students. To reduce the negative effects of the homework BookMyEssay offers homework assignment help online to students who are struggling with their academic tasks.