Someone once said, “the bad day of writing is far better than no days of writing” and we couldn’t agree more.


Everyone wants their thesis to be great and the term great means, it should be impressive, informational and leaves the long-lasting impact on the instructor’s mind. Now, the question is turning years of research, information into a single piece of content is that easy? A thesis writing expert would definitely say “NO” to this. The task requires lots of dedication, writing skills and of course, an experience which many students lack at the very first place. Hence, it is no surprise that many students end up knocking at the door of BookMyEssay for thesis writing help from experts. If you are one of the students looking for some advice from professionals to further refine your thesis, then below article is what you need.

Tips to Make Your Thesis Impressive

Make sure your thesis meeting all the requirements

One of the most common mistakes PhD students make is to assume things without clarifying them with instructors. For example; – once an instructor told his student that the thesis needs to be 300 pages long so the student wrote down 300 pages in two weeks. Unfortunately, what an instructor had meant here is double-spaced not 40000 words long thesis. To make sure you will not repeat the same mistake, you need to go through the entire list of requirement to make sure you are writing accordingly. However, if you have any doubts, then consult with your instructor immediately.

Bring your perspective on the table

Yes, you want to make your thesis to be the best among them all and we understand that but don’t you want to learn something from it? Yes, no or maybe. As a PhD student, you must take your thesis writing as an apprenticeship. You should let your peers and fellow students read your thesis papers to know what are the points in the thesis that need to be changed. As we all know you cannot ace the standard with the first draft so, don’t hesitate when it comes to making changes.

Write the introduction in the end

You may need to put the introduction at the beginning of your thesis but try to save it for later. As for writing the introduction and conclusion of the thesis, in the end, will help to bind the thesis together.

Bring out the unanswered questions in your thesis

There will always be some questions that left unanswered so, rather than leaving them hanging, you can draw attention; identify them in the conclusion part as the area of further investigation. As a beginner, you need to understand that your thesis will be ruined if you tried to disregard or evade the unresolved issues in your papers.

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