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Here are Complete Info of Perl Programming Language

Perl gives you safety and security. With most languages that are interpreted, somebody can read your source code. With a language that’s typically compiled to a native binary, it’s possibly taken the binary and reverse engineer it to get something vaguely similar to source code, and (although it’s much more difficult than with the original source code) figure out what algorithms were used and how it works. Perl has no such weakness. Even starting from the original source code, there’s no danger of them figuring out how your code works (or realizing that the code really doesn’t work correctly at all).

Perl has CPAN. Nowadays, most languages have distribution systems that allow second rate programmers to get their third-rate code into international distribution quickly and easily. But, Perl did it first, and still does it the best. CPAN is bigger and better (for some definition of the word) than all the others put together. Well, given how Perl has stagnated for the last several years, it’s probably not bigger any more either, but regardless of quality or size, CPAN is definitely old!

Perl’s grammar is almost unbelievably advanced. Perl is one of only a tiny number of languages that can’t be parsed statically. Just about every time somebody uses the phrase “compiled language” or “interpreted language”, somebody is bound to jump in and point out that “compiled” or “interpreted” is a property of the implementation, not the language. In the case of Perl, that’s actually *not* true though. Parsing Perl source code can require *executing* arbitrary amounts of Perl, so to at least some extent, Perl must be interpreted. I hasten to add that there are other languages that have Turing complete compilation (e.g., C++ template meta-programming is Turing complete), but template meta-programming still has restrictions such as using no user input, and using only a restricted subset of the language that allow it to be parsed statically (though it’s certainly not trivial). Perl simply cannot be parsed statically, so it’s clearly much more advanced!

Perl has a long and glorious history of use in web server back ends. Nothing else can really match Perl when you need that ultra-modern nineties look for your web site!

For years now, Perl 6 has been blazing new trails! No other software in history has been kinda-sorta, not exactly, but mostly vaporware for as long as Perl 6. There have now been a couple of official releases of the Perl 6 spec (which they now clearly separate from any implementation), and there’s a compiler named Rakudo, but what it compiles doesn’t correspond precisely to the Perl 6 specification. In fact, Rakudo supports two virtual machines (MoarVM and JVM), and changing the VM for which you compile also changes the set of language features you can use (and neither one actually matches the specification). Trust me, consistency in a programming language is highly overrated. Perl gives you extra choices and makes programming an adventure!

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