Pursuing a Ph.D. education successfully is a complicated matter. Some never complete a Ph.D. course. Doctoral candidates face problems and the problems they face are related to work processes, supervision, domain expertise, and resources. The study engagement and the well-being of doctoral students depict a clear relationship. There should be effective means for fostering the ability of students to overcome the problems students face while pursuing their Ph.D. course.


The problem of Ph.D. students mainly at the dissertation stage is not only restricted to departments, mentoring, or disciplines. Dissertation writing is a problem affecting the complete institution.

What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is an academic writing that is submitted as a part of the Masters or Doctoral program. The dissertation is the longest writing and this can be quite intimidating. Writing a dissertation shall help you develop writing and research skills. If you think analytically, write well, and synthesize complex information then you can write a dissertation. Many students face difficulties to write dissertations and therefore they look for dissertation writing help from BookMyEssay.

How to Prepare for Dissertation Writing?

Set deadlines: Having a goal is highly important to sustain motivation for a long duration. The pressure of deadlines can help you to get your job done. Due dates are essential to keep someone on track.

The goals should be flexible: Though deadlines are necessary, the goals must be flexible. Setting early deadlines is vital so that you can move things without affecting your schedule.

Ask for early feedback: If you interact with your committee early, editing stages shall be smoother. Discuss your initial draft with your advisor. This will not prevent you from isolation but can keep you stay connected with other writers and committee. This shall prevent you from rewriting entire chapters.

Find out the expectations of your committee: Following the feedback of the committee, find out the kind of writing a committee expects. Read the dissertations of students who have completed earlier. Ask them about the sources, the structure, the footnotes, and the headings. If you know their expectations, you can write effectively and proper communication can prevent pitfalls.

Be your own: In the end, this is your dissertation. Stand up for things you think are right for you. It may be impossible to please the entire committee and thus you should write what you feel is right.

Take breaks: Dissertations take time. You shall require breaks to feel energized. There shall be times when you need to focus your energies somewhere else. You should understand that these short breaks are absolutely necessary and when you take these breaks do not feel guilty.

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