Organizations mainly multinationals face contradictory challenges. Accelerating instant opportunities or problems might harm the overall consistency. Strategic agility provides a path for resolving the paradoxical situation. This article offers a vision through which firms can improve capabilities for improving strategic agility.


Presently, most organizations have to face tremendous pressure to function in a dynamic environment along with constantly changing events, which have a huge influence on organizations. Thus, to achieve as well as survive in this competition, businesses should integrate and innovate new knowledge that allows them to remain agile for ensuring the sustainability of performance development and organizational learning.

The impact of OA or Organizational Ability on HRM strategy empowers firms or organizations to understand the value of internal as well as external customers, know products, competitors, competitive advantage, and technology. OA can help in the performance of firms through proactive, reactive, and innovative agility. The organizations to attain success globally should master the agilities so that they can profit the most.

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HRM and strategic agility

Many decades of research and theories have shown multiple ways through which HRM can play important roles to design and implement the strategy of an organization. According to recent work, strategic HRM should pay key attention to strategic agility.

The theoretical framework of strategic agility imposes several models and approaches regarding organizational agility. The performance of an organization including HR should respond to the dynamic world efficiently. Many practitioners and researchers from different disciplines consider the topic a multidisciplinary one. Agility is the unique way of an organization to increase its competitive advantage to keep pace with the constant changes in the markets. Moreover, agility plays a vital role in the development of an organization.

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Improvisation through Paradox-sensitive HRM

Strategic agility needs competencies to move smoothly and quickly. It cannot be fulfilled in each case through extensive contingency plans. It makes the capability to move fast and maintain strategic coherence important. An improvisational action is not planned in advance. But, conditions are created that can improve the odds of the happening of the improvisation process and the process shall be productive.

The implication of paradox-sensitive HRM has stressed major structural paradoxes including hierarchy against lack of hierarchy and centralization against decentralization. Some argue that organizational designs are complicated and centralized. According to many theorists, organizations need less complexities for becoming agile in the changing environments and for supporting effective improvisation.

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