An operating system is a system that deals with the hardware to give you simple functionality like making a call using the network hardware, recording video or taking photos using the camera. Some popular operating systems are Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Linux is also an operating system just like those mentioned above. One of the most popular operating systems, Android, is Powered by the Linux operating system. Android now powers 3 billion mobile devices with more than 2.5 billion active devices. Linux is getting more attention over time. Now you can get Linux assignment help on BookMyEssay at low prices.

Why do we need operating systems?

When you start your computer, you are greeted with a home screen, where you can choose to do different tasks, like playing a piece of music, writing an essay, or watching a movie. the operating system is the thing that makes it possible for your CPU to know that you are trying to play music. Without an operating system, we wouldn’t be able to tell the computer to do a specific job, like using BookMyEssay’s write my assignment service.

What is the Kernel?

Linux is not an operating system, but it is a kernel. A kernel is a computer program at the core of a computer operating system. It manages your hardware resources like RAM, CPU, and Storage. Then an operating system is made on top of it. In other words, the kernel is a part of an operating system that manages the hardware. An operating system built with a Linux kernel is called a GNU/Linux operating system. But we will keep calling it Linux operating system for short.

Who Created Linux?

Linux began in 1991 as a personal project by Finnish student Linus Torvalds. At first, it started as a hobby project. He had some simple ideas for an operating system like UNIX, for personal computers that can run simple programs like File Manager, Document Editor, and Media players.

As time passed, other programmers collaborated with Linus Torvalds from places like MIT. Applications for Linux started to appear. Around 1991 a working Linux operating system with some applications was officially launched to the public.

The early version of Linux was not user-friendly. It was only used by programmers then, and Linus Torvalds never commercialized Linux.Have you forgot doing your assignment and have very little time at hand? Get your last minute assignment help from BookMyEssay at unbelievably low prices!

The Rise of Linux Operating Systems

An advantage of the Linux kernel was that programmers had the opportunity to create their own unique operating systems. As time passed by, the number of user-friendly operating systems stormed.

Is it For Me?

New users of Linux usually shun it by falsely considering it as hard to learn and technical operating system. But the truth is Linux is not hard to master nor very technical. It’s very flexible in a very user-friendly way. You have the opportunity to customize every aspect of a Linux operating system. Linux is becoming more and more user-friendly every day with the help of a growing community.

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