You introduce the research subject or question and discuss your decision to examine it at the beginning of your academic report. You may evaluate the research you conducted and the findings you reached as you build on these concepts in the text’s main body. You might wish to give a quick overview of the rest of the report’s structure towards the end of the introduction.

Research experiments, surveys, or other technique findings are presented and discussed in academic papers. These reports frequently call for a particular format and the inclusion of a specific number of parts. The most popular sections of an academic essay are described here in the order that they often occur. Be aware that you must always adhere to the rules for formal academic writing while producing an academic report, including referencing reliable sources and using appropriate language, spelling, and punctuation. If you are searching for an academic report writing service, consider BookMyEssay.

Background/Review of Literature

In this section, you will briefly review the study that other researchers have done on this subject, including their findings. You may also provide your readers with any background information they might need before sharing your work on the subject. Always remember that your reader is interested in your writing, not other people’s. Discussing further research in great detail is unnecessary, especially if they have little bearing on your work. Put your attention on summarizing work that is connected in some manner to the job you have done.


In the methodology section, you should outline the procedures you used to conduct your study. You may, for instance, outline the procedures you followed when conducting a scientific experiment or the technique you utilized to construct your analysis. Use the past tense to describe each step you took entirely. Choosing a free essay generator online would be best to ease your writing process.


You will discuss the findings of your investigation in this section. You may include details like survey respondents’ responses, outcomes of medical tests, information from scientific studies, and the findings of any statistical analyses. To make these results easier to read, you might find it beneficial to show them using figures and tables. However, remember that it is not required to provide all of the same material in the text. That’s only true if the data is shown in a table or figure. If you do so, briefly summarize the article’s most significant results.


You will explain and explore the ramifications of your findings in this area and how they relate to the earlier studies you included in your literature review. You will analyze your results and explain how they respond to the study questions. The limits of your work should also be mentioned, along with suggestions for addressing them in future research 

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