What is Destination Marketing and Management?


Destination Marketing and Management is concerned with tourism industry. Destination is defined as a place where a person travels for work or recreation. It is distinct from the place of residence. It is an approach which focuses on the economic and cultural development of a destination. It integrates the interests and benefits of the visitors, community and the service providers.

Destination marketing and management takes into account the tourism policy and the planning of tourism. It reviews theoretical applications and practices for the development of destination. It takes the case studies of various destinations, where marketing and management practices have played an important role in their development.

Applications of Destination Marketing and Management?

The most applicable theories about Destination Marketing and Management are the theories which define the methodologies and strategies applied to develop a destination. The Destination marketing assignment help section of BookMyEssay also offers suggestions and assistance for the same.

These theories and applications are mentioned below:

  • Destination planning and policy: The first theory about destination marketing and management can be defined as, “there should be right planning of the destination and right application policy it needs for its development”.
  • Travel motivation: Secondly, the motivation for travelling should be such that the tourist of visitor is convinced to reach the destination as his immediate or next travel.
  • Traveler decision making: The tourist should be shown various advantages and benefits of the destination so that he or she should be able to make strong decision to travel to the said destination.
  • Destination information: The information about the destination should be detailed so that the tourist can analyze pros and cons of the destination. No information should be hidden from the customer.
  • Destination marketing research: The tourist destination should be researched thoroughly to discover the marketing potential it has to get developed into a tourist attraction.
  • Evolution of tourism products: The natural attractions of the destination should be developed. Besides, the other attractions supplementing the natural ones should also be evolved to make it a perfect destination.
  • Destination marketing systems: Various marketing systems such as Apple SWOT and PESTLE analysis should be conducted at the destination so that a clear picture of it can be had.

Destination marketing and management refers to the theories and applications which the planners apply to develop a place as a tourist destination. Tourism students are given quite complex destination management assignments to expose them to the difficulties faced in the development of a destination as a tourist attraction. Destination marketing and management assignment help companies are helpful here. The main theories and applications aim at detailed analysis of the attractions available at the destination, potential it has to develop into a tourist attraction, amenities available at the destination, strategies and methodologies applicable to promote the tourist destination and the support of the local authorities in both business and legal procedures.