Project management is a very integral part of the organization as it is the process which initiates the process of success and growth of the organization. To become a successful business house, an organization must have efficient project management team. The concept of project management is very old and deep-rooted.

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As project management as a profession has been with us for years, it is passing through many changes to fulfil the demand for products and services that delivers quality and quantity value to customers. To meet the requirements and needs of changing the environment of business world 2018, project management considers important six trends that keep this profession alive and well. These six trends are as follows: –

  • Better collaborating ways – As technologies advances, better ways of collaborating are emerging. These ways are very helpful to keep project management in track and offer many benefits to project team. There are numerous collaborating software present in the market which enables better document collaboration across multiple locations and electronic devices.
  • Geographical dispersed project teams – It is very important for the organization to work in different geographical location to complete their aim or goals. More and more project team sari working across different location to reduce costs and raise the productivity and production. Hence, to maintain a coordinating approach with each other is really difficult but the trend of virtual meeting and conferences calls make it very easier and thus increase smooth working.
  • Agile Project Management – Earlier traditional methods are used to accomplish the value of the goal of a project which is very slow and cumbersome but nowadays these are shifted towards advanced techniques which enables fast growth and development to projects. Although Agile is not new concept, it is gaining power and has great benefits for many projects. It gives the visibility of the products and services in the early phases of production so to make changes according to the desires of customers.
  • Virtual Learning – The trend of virtual project management training courses appearing online is becoming very famous and popular. Graduates often want to enter in the profession of project management but find them very limited with the scarcity of cash resources. As a result, they deprive off form classroom training. Hence virtual training makes it very easier and comfortable for the students and project management profession to step ahead.
  • Institutions for project management – Earlier in project management, employers want to hire only experienced personnel but now the trend changed and they do consider skill and talent of the personnel even if they do not have experience of work. Hence the trend of setting institute for training of project management is the main step to keep alive the profession of project management.
  • Compressed Project Management life cycles – The life cycle of project completion is becoming very compressed today as there is very advanced technology, machinery and coordination available within the organization. Over recent years, the time to bring products and services to market had reduced from years to months.

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